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Hammock Spider, sans hammock.

This may well be my only submission for Arachtober! This is what Gary calls an End-of-the-season-geez-thanks-for-at-least-a-live-arthropod Spider, but hopefully I will have more arthropods to share before the season ends. Pityohyphantes costatus  is a Hammock Spider, […]

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Formica ravida. Creighton, 1940

As I indicated earlier, I’ll be attacking a backlog of photographs this season, and here is the first updated gallery, from September 2011: Formica ravida Creighton, 1940 (as identified by James Trager at BugGuide). These ants were […]

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Enjoying the view

A green lacewing pauses on a leaf tip in the home garden. (Purchase at Zenfolio)

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Aphid Hunters — Passaloecus

Hear the words “aphid killers”, and the first bugs we think of are ladybird, or perhaps, lacewing larva. Others may have heard of the parasitoid wasps that lay their eggs within aphids, where they will […]

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New-ish Review – Beetles who love aphids who love ants who love aphids….

Organisms that live with ants are called myrmecophiles: literally, “ant lovers”. They do this for a number of reasons: they may benefit from the protection offered by the ants, and/or the environmental conditions of the nest may […]

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Parasitoid, Predator and Prey

A parasitic wasp of the genus Callaspidia (Hymenoptera, Family Figitidae, Subfamily Aspiceratinae) laying eggs in a syrphid (hoverfly) larva. Photographed on 31 July, 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta. This is similar to one of the photographs […]

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