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Wasp Nest Squatter

I was forced to destroy the wasp nest that had been growing on our garage door frame, as it was becoming a danger to us when we entered or left the garage. The morning after my dastardly night […]

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Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are amoung the most commonly encountered arachnids when you’re outdoors bug-hunting with your camera. Most likely you’ll find them basking on sun-soaked tree trunks and docks, often with an egg case prominently attached to the spinnerets on […]

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Daddy Shortlegs

The name ‘Daddy Longlegs’ can be confusing as it refers to a variety of bugs with long legs (see this article by Chris Buddle). The preferred common name for this type of Arachnid is ‘Harvestman‘. […]

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The Week on Sunday 2

Another Tuesday at the Opal Natural Area…it has been the Year of the Spider for me, with more arachnids leaping before the lens than insects. Last Tuesday I found a stunning jumper, hopping rapidly across the sand. It was […]

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Common and Long of Leg

This is a harvestman or daddy longlegs – an adult male Phalangium opilio (Family Phalangiidae, Order Opiliones). The males can be distinguished by the spur or “horn” projecting from the anterior surface of the first […]

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