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Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are amoung the most commonly encountered arachnids when you’re outdoors bug-hunting with your camera. Most likely you’ll find them basking on sun-soaked tree trunks and docks, often with an egg case prominently attached to the spinnerets on […]

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Moth Night

On the 26 July this year I participated in a National Moth Week event at the Devonian Botanic Garden just a short drive west of Edmonton… It was a magical event, with participants of all […]

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Little Lycosid

This is a little wolf spider (Lycosidae. Genus Pardosa ) that I found basking in the sun on a tree trunk at the Wagner Bog Natural Area. With the legs it was only about 6mm across, […]

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Pavel Krásenský Photographs Mating Strepsiptera

This is one of an amazing sequence photographed by Pavel Krásensky … Strepsiptera or Twisted-wing parasites are a bizarre internal parasites of bees and wasps. Their life-cycle begins similar to the oil beetles (Meloidae). From NC State […]

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Ted MacRae shares Tips and Tricks for Field Photography of Wary Insects

I thought this webinar was locked-up by the ESA, but the video is now on Youtube, so everyone can see Ted’s excellent Adven webcast on photographing Tiger beetles and other insects. This is the first time that […]

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Ground Beetle, and Granulated…

Sounding like some sort of future new-age food supplement, the Granulated Ground Beetle (Carabus granulatus) is actually named after the raised grain-like lines the run along the length of the elytra. This beetle would be […]

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Hope Arising

Fallen and decaying logs in shaded areas will usually draw my attention because they can host – or be a platform for – a variety of life suitable for the macro photographer. This particular log […]

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Spider Wasp with Crab Spider

I found this spider-dragging wasp scampering over a fallen pine in the sandy Halfmoon Lake Natural Area. It was a challenge to photograph –  the rapidly moving spider, traveling over the rough surface of the […]

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