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The Week on Sunday 16

On with the show, the first Week on Sunday for 2013: ♦ Bugs for bones at the Smithsonian Museum: “It smells like something died in here.” ♦ Ed Yong is at it again. Just when he ups and […]

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Olympus BioScapes 2012 Results

If you are here for a first time visit, you may not know why a bug blog is venturing into microscopy. This is driven partially by climate: I live in Alberta Canada, and for about […]

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Darlington’s Peacock Jumping Spider

Another very cool jumping spider video by Jürgen Otto in Australia: from the Youtube page: Courtship of a spider that has become known as “Darlington’s peacock spider”. I found these specimens during a trip to […]

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New Book – Rainforest Country (Australia)

I don’t usually praise books that I haven’t read, but I think this one has so much potential than it warrants a mention on Splendour Awaits. And I know at least one person who will want to […]

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Marvels of Evolution – Spiders at Work

Two amazing spiders are featured in this segment from Life in the Undergrowth. They both have unique variations on how they use their spider webs. The first is Hyptiotes paradoxus, a cryptic spider from Europe that […]

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