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Mating Long-lipped Tiger Beetles

Photographing Long-lipped Tiger Beetles (Cicindela longilabris) at Halfmoon Lake Natural Area is now an annual event. On this occasion, (29 May 2017) the only difference is that I managed to record video of two pairs. The […]

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Bugs with Coffee

◊ Sprechen sie Deutsch? Visit “Porträt: Ein Meister der Makrofotografie” It’s an interview with the photographer Nicky Bay from Singapore, and he blogs at Macro Photography in Singapore. ◊ Like beetles much? Click the image from the […]

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Canada Day 2010

Canada Day 2010. While my wife went out to photograph the celebrations (in this case: men in over-inflated balloon pants levitating above the stage…) at the Alberta Legislature building last year. I stayed home for […]

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Cow Path Love

A trip to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park in May had its share of pleasures and disappointments. One nice surprise for me was coming across this pair of coupled cowpath tiger beetles (Cicindela purpurea). […]

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The ‘Stump Stabber’ – An Ichneumon Wasp

While our daughter volunteered at Fort Edmonton this last weekend, my wife and I roamed the river valley around the fort. While we paused at a bench, I noticed a slender wasp ‘feeling’ its way […]

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Beetle Blog Carnival Launched Today

Ted MacRae, author of the blog Beetles in the Bush and a research entomologist and a specialist in woodboring beetles (families Buprestidae and Cerambycidae) and tiger beetles (family Cicindelidae), has launched the inaugural edition of […]

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No Bones About Them

A collection of interesting posts from my favorite bugsters: Catalogue of Organisms The Origin of Insect Wings Beetles In The Bush Habitat Partitionining in Tiger Beetles The Marvelous in nature Tay Meadows Tidbit – Winter crane […]

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