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Out, damned spot!

  One of the more frustrating problems in natural light insect photography, particularly with insects with large eyes, is the large specular highlight that is created by the sun. A small catch light in the […]

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Purplish, not Blue

Amoung the bees, flies, wasps and spiders visiting the gumweed in Dinosaur Provincial Park were the occasional small butterflies. Many were obviously ‘blues’ (Family Lycaenidae, subfamily Polyommatinae), while others, the same size and similarly patterned, […]

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Newbee Bluebee

Unknown bee found inside Opuntia blossom, Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, Alberta. Any help with bee I.D. would be appreciated. Note 23/07/2010: I submitted this image to BugGuide, and it has been suggested that […]

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