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Just mildly interesting.

I’ve known for a several years about the famous (in Holland, anyhow) Dutch ecologist and botanist Dr. Jac P. Thijsse (1865 – 1945) who gained his reputation through his naturalistic park designs. Although my father […]

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eButterfly — You don’t have to know the species.

Don’t know the species of the butterfly you’ve seen, but would like to submit to eButterfly? No problem! This video with John Acorn, Zac MacDonald and Felix Sperling explains how you can still submit your observations.

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eButterfly how-to by John Acorn

I had the pleasure of meeting John the day he was filming this at the Devonian Botanical Garden. Great introduction to eButterfly, and an embarrassing reminder that I haven’t actually used the site for over […]

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Arctic on Lichen

In the middle of June this year, I spent half a day exploring the sandy pine forest in the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area. There are numerous patches of reindeer lichen between the trees, and flirting […]

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Butterfly Break

I am not a big butterfly chaser, but when the opportunity arises I do my best to take advantage of it. I was just ending my walk through the Opal Natural Area yesterday when I […]

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Hobomok Courtin’

Again from last year, probably a pair of Hobomok skippers, Poanes hobomok (Harris 1862) photographed cavorting on a sunny woodland verge in the North Saskatchewan River valley in Edmonton. The female is the dark form,  known as ‘Pocahontas’. […]

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The Week on Sunday #21

Welcome to another Week on Sunday! ♦  The first half of yesterday was spent at City Centre, Edmonton, recording and photographing Chinese New Year’s celebrations. However  after an excellent free lunch at the Famous Wok, I stepped out, […]

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Softly, softly…

Playing with low f-stops when doing macro photography can be tricky. Anything that is not in the same plane as the sensor becomes out of focus, and the tack-sharp image that so many strive for becomes harder […]

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