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Day of Pink

  This is the Day of Pink, the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia and Transphobia in schools and communities. I would have ignored it if it wasn’t for the news this morning, and my […]

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Coming Soon to the Royal Alberta Museum…

The Royal Alberta Museum Curatorial Lecture Series 2013 begins this Friday! While the first free lecture probably does not include bugs (unless that diorama has a stray grylloblalttid or spider that I haven’t noticed…), the two free lectures that follow […]

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Bumblebee Rescue and Foster Parent Program

An unique venture has begun in Calgary. A pilot research project called The Bumblebee Rescue and Foster Parent Program (BBRFPP) has been started with the goal of developing  public awareness of bumblebee species and habitat. From the Community […]

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