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Philodromid Mom

A Running Crab Spider (Family Philodromidae) found in the garden under a lily leaf, guarding her egg case. Running crab spiders are hunters, and do not build webs to capture prey. When hunting they do lay a […]

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My Equipment

For the photo-tech junkies, here is an outline of the major pieces of equipment I use. I am a B&H affiliate, so I have linked the equipment to B&H where you can get more information on the […]

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Two-striped Grasshoppers: Ferroutage

‘Scuse my French (corrections accepted), but when I can’t think of a decent creative title for a blog post, I resort to Google Translate… This Two-striped Grasshopper pair were ideal photographic subjects, as they kanoodled in a […]

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An American Redeemed…

…almost redeemed, anyway. I have been looking back at last years’ photographs. I came across this image of  Habronattus americanus, that, instead of following due protocol, insisted on perching on the edge of my white […]

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Mystery of the Meadowhawk in Flight

Observation can pay off. I noticed this skimmer (I believe it is a Black Meadowhawk, Sympetrum danae) returning to sit on a leaf that was laying on the ground. I approached slowly, but it noticed me […]

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Working it out

Here is a brief example of how I might approach a co-operative subject: When I find an interesting insect to photograph, my first shot is considered as a record only. I keep shooting, trying each time to improve the shot over […]

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Macro Flash Solutions II

Continuing with my series on solutions for using flash with macro, I present: One flash big-efied… In Macro Flash Solutions  I, I set up a very simple single, small flash macro outfit. It was presented […]

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Macro Flash Solutions – I

I was looking for a light-weight flash unit to supplement my Canon MT-24EX flash, one that I could also use for macro when going into the field equipped ultra-light, or to use handheld for backlighting or for […]

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