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One-shot Wednesday….Macro Kismet

It happens often. You’ve spent minutes stalking your subject, crouching and crawling to set-up the perfect shot and, as you click the shutter, BANG–your subject moves, leaving you with a blurred and useless image. In this […]

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How to face a tiger

Deep in the jack pine forests of Alberta, a tiger prowls. Flitting from spot to spot, always wary, almost unseen. Unless you are willing to go to make the effort, you may never truly see them […]

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One for the 0.1%

Found this dapper hopper at the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area on June 12 this year.  Says our local Orthopterid expert, Dan Johnson, in a Facebook interaction: “If I am correct judging from the photo, it is a good […]

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Another look at D. triton

Earlier this month while I was in the Devonian Botanical Garden I intersected with an school field-trip class and Shelley Ryan-Hovind. They had captured a fishing spider and I had the opportunity to photograph it while it […]

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Just stick out your tongue and say “Aaaah”…

Dr. Phymata doing the obligatory health check before proceeding with the operation… (22 September, 2013. Dinosaur Provincial Park. Canon T2i with EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens and diffused flash. ISO 400, 1/200 sec. @ f11)  

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What has she woven?

A Marbled orb weaver, Araneus marmoreus, snug in the relative protection of a dried leaf, binds her prey. The prey item seems to have a mottled abdomen not unlike the spider, but two red marks stand […]

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Meadowhawk in the Middle

Sometimes breaking with macro conventions is required. The straight look, centered in the frame – and very shallow depth of field – emphasize the enormous eyes of this aerial predator. (28 July, 2013 – Elk […]

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Long of lip and passionate

A pair of long-lipped tiger beetles contributing to the survival of the species in Halfmoon Lake Natural Area, Alberta. (17 June, 2013. Halfmoon Lake Natural Area, Alberta. Canon T2i, EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens with Kenko […]

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