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An affordable Speedlite transmitter for Canon.

I don’t usually do sales blurbs, but I have been using the little Canon EOS 90EX for a few days and I think there may be some interested in its potential for macro photography. Many others […]

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A Wanderer

Wandering spiders. Late summer, and it’s time for male spiders to find a mate and leave their imprint on the world. It’s a last-ditch effort. Winter is near and it’s now or never. This is a grass […]

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Another look at D. triton

Earlier this month while I was in the Devonian Botanical Garden I intersected with an school field-trip class and Shelley Ryan-Hovind. They had captured a fishing spider and I had the opportunity to photograph it while it […]

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Shoot long and shoot often

My favourite shot of the Marbled Orb Weaver photo session. After photographing the spider on a white background, I returned it to nature, to a convenient path-side log. I followed it as it moved over its […]

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Focus-stacking Update

Thanks to Gary Anweiler, who donated a variety of bumblebees and moths, I have been able to continue with focus-stacking . The first bee I tried was a Yellow-faced bumblebee, Bombus vosnesenskii  from Gabriola Island, British Columbia.I am […]

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Shadow Lurker

  Crab spiders (Misumena vatia) are common in the garden, so I they offer the opportunity to experiment. Here is a caterpillar’s viewpoint, under a windflower. (20 May, 2011. Canon 5D Mk II,  Tamron Telephoto SP AF […]

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My Equipment

For the photo-tech junkies, here is an outline of the major pieces of equipment I use. I am a B&H affiliate, so I have linked the equipment to B&H where you can get more information on the […]

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Why the Long Lens?

As I show in my workshops, macro lenses come in all shapes and sizes. One of my favourites is the long Tamron 180mm, a super-sharp lens that can give amazing results (but see this article […]

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