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Delicate Linyphiidae

This is a small male spider I came across while in Dinosaur Provincial Park last year. I saw it in wandering over a grass-head – I took a few photos for reference and left it […]

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Jumping Spider’s Got the Blues

Note: 26/06/2014 – ID at BugGuide indicates it is possibly Phidippus purpuratus. This is probably the Boreal Jumping spider (Phidippus borealis Banks, 1895), one of the most outstanding native jumping spiders that I have seen so far. This one was found […]

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Watching Me

A male Eris militaris, a Salticid or Jumping Spider. His fangs (chelicerae) glow with reflected light from the flash. I noticed this one as it rappelled down on a dragline at the Clifford E. Lee […]

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