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The End is Near

Late summer: shorter days and cooler nights. This week we’ve had frost most nights, and it’s still not the middle of September. Last week, a walk along the damp sand and stone shoreline of the North Saskatchewan River found […]

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How to face a tiger

Deep in the jack pine forests of Alberta, a tiger prowls. Flitting from spot to spot, always wary, almost unseen. Unless you are willing to go to make the effort, you may never truly see them […]

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Late-summer Halfmoon Rambling

I was looking for sand beasts last week. I began in the area around Nestow in the morning. I found little there, so moved on to Halfmoon Lake Natural Area again. By the time I arrived it was […]

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Lovers on the Beach…Cicindela hirticollis – Couple #3

While most photographs of ‘mating’ tiger beetles capture only the post-copulation act of mate guarding, this third pair of C. hirticollis (photographed at the Jasper Lake dunes, Jasper National Park, Alberta. See couples one and two) […]

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Not a Beautiful Tiger Beetle…

…but a Blowout tiger beetle, Cicindela lengi…and mighty handsome! They are smaller than the Beautiful tiger beetle C. formosa, which is only found in the south-east corner of Alberta. When I first saw it, memories […]

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My First Tiger

I’ve been looking back at Alex Wild’s and Ted MacRae’s articles that discuss technique. These are two photographers that deal with some of the fastest insects (relatively) running – ants and tiger beetles, and I need […]

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