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Invader Carabid!

My first outdoor bug shot (in the white box) for 2012! This purple-rimmed Carabus (Carabus nemoralis  Muller, 1764) is also known as the European Ground Beetle. The elytra on this one was a dull bronze, an unusual […]

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Stag-jawed Carabid

This is the subject that epitomized my frustrations with my 180mm macro lens! The stag-jawed carabid is a fairly large beetle (25mm/1″) and trying to photograph it with the white-bowl technique with a long-focus macro lens and […]

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Super Pupa.

A pupa of the ‘Superworm’ beetle, Zophobas morio – a Darkling beetle of the Tenebrionidae family. Related articles Video: The White Studio (bugs.adrianthysse.com)

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Schtinky Beetle

OK, its not Nicrophorus ‘schtinkii’, but rather Nicrophorus investigator. However, in the confines of my white bowl field studio, and perhaps magnified by parabolic reflection, this burying beetle was more than a little on the stinky side of odoriferous. […]

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Longhorn Lost and Longhorns Gained…

This is a terrible photo… This photograph was taken 2006. It was a late summer evening in a campground in northern Alberta. I was walking with my daughter to the washrooms when we came across […]

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Wasp-mimic Longhorn

This is Clytus ruricola  (Olivier 1795), a long horned beetle (Order Coleoptera, Family Cerambycidae). Kaufman’s indicates that the grubs feed in decaying deciduous trees, particularly maple. I found two of these beetles feeding on thistle […]

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The Lost Ladybug Project

The Lost Ladybug Project is a citizen science project that is attempting to encourage public involvement to determine the diversity, population and distribution of the many different species of ladybug species. To participate all you need to […]

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Cicindela hirticollis – Couple #2

This was another case of the female saying (excuse the anthropomorphising), “Get off my back!”. Whether this is a response to having a camera lens observing your intimate habits, or if her partner was sub-standard, […]

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