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Damselflies — On Bluets (and ‘Yellow-Greents’)

I came across this damselfly along the shores of the North Saskatchewan River in N.E. Edmonton (12 September, 2011). It seems simple enough to identify it as a ‘bluet’ (Genus Coenagrion or Enallagma) ’cause its […]

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One Tough Lady

The spotted spreadwing (Lestes congener Hagen 1861) is common in our garden, a late season damselfly that occurs throughout North America, although more common in southern Canada and the United States. It breeds on ponds, […]

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No Bones About Them

A collection of interesting posts from my favorite bugsters: Catalogue of Organisms The Origin of Insect Wings Beetles In The Bush Habitat Partitionining in Tiger Beetles The Marvelous in nature Tay Meadows Tidbit – Winter crane […]

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