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Birthday Botfly

This is one of the cool insects I came across when going for a walk last year, on my birthday. I was visiting the wild side of a local park along the Saskatchewan River valley in […]

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Bee-mimic Assassin

I don’t often get the chance to photograph robber flies (Asilidae), so it was nice to have another opportunity this year during a visit to Halfmoon Lake Natural Area on the 13 June. I had […]

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Assassin Fly — Cyrtopogon falto

A few days ago while I was walking in the Opal Natural Area, I noticed some movement in a small pit in the sand on the trail. Whatever it was, I could not distinguish it from […]

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One of the more successful plants in our garden are the white Martagon lilies we bought many years ago. They appreciate light shade and do well as a woodland plant. They will self-seed when happy with […]

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Chalcosyrphus plesia (Curran 1925)

From June last year… Very striking in appearance, this hoverfly seems to be mimicking an hymenopteran of some kind. I could find out little about this fly, except that it prefers wooded areas, and that […]

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Bristle Fly?

The flies in the Family Tachinidae could very well take the common name of ‘Bristle Fly’, due to the many stiff hairs that cover the abdomen of many species. My dismal April Fool’s post was indeed a Tachinid […]

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All eyes, no head…

Update 08/05/2013: Thanks to Morgan Jackson, who has come through with an ID – this is a spider fly (Acroceridae), also known as  hunchback-flies or small-headed flies. From Wikipedia: As far as is known all Acroceridae are parasitoids of spiders. […]

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Name this Fly

Last week a began setting-up for taking images through a second-hand microscope that I obtained many years ago. This is not a great photograph, but it is my first attempt at a focus stack using […]

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