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A Running Crab Spider — Philodromus histrio

Philodromus histrio is found worldwide across the northern hemisphere, this one was found in our front garden in Edmonton. In Sweden the name is Praktsnabblöpare, translating to “Magnificent Fast Runner”. The only site that carried some of […]

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Plagodis phlogosaria, Family Geometridae

Plagodis phlogosaria is disassembled at Wikipedia thusly: “The binomial name refers to the Greek phlogos (meaning “flame”), phlogistos (meaning “to burn” or “inflame”) or phlogosis (meaning “inflammation”)”. So, with all that going for it, one […]

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Enjoying the view

A green lacewing pauses on a leaf tip in the home garden. (Purchase at Zenfolio)

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eButterfly how-to by John Acorn

I had the pleasure of meeting John the day he was filming this at the Devonian Botanical Garden. Great introduction to eButterfly, and an embarrassing reminder that I haven’t actually used the site for over […]

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Araneus marmoreus, the (not so) Marbled Orb Weaver

While wandering through the Devonian Botanic Garden last week, I was given an unusual spider to photograph. It was an Araneid that I had not seen before, with a bright white abdomen marked with a dark patch […]

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My Top 10 Macro Photographs in 2013

Here are my top photo choices for 2013. The selection is based somewhat on public response, but mostly just because they are my personal favorites. Like most years, these are wild Alberta bugs, photographed alive and kicking, without cooling […]

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Butterfly Break

I am not a big butterfly chaser, but when the opportunity arises I do my best to take advantage of it. I was just ending my walk through the Opal Natural Area yesterday when I […]

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Through the front door…

Just a few weeks ago this was a wretched spot, a brown and dismal blot on the landscape that was a pain to behold. But every year, without fail, the ground heaves and a wealth […]

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