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Halfmoon Lake Natural Area

One of my favourite locations is the sandy jack pine ecosystem of the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area north of Edmonton. I began visiting in the spring of 2013 and I have been returning for regular visits […]

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How to face a tiger

Deep in the jack pine forests of Alberta, a tiger prowls. Flitting from spot to spot, always wary, almost unseen. Unless you are willing to go to make the effort, you may never truly see them […]

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Late-summer Halfmoon Rambling

I was looking for sand beasts last week. I began in the area around Nestow in the morning. I found little there, so moved on to Halfmoon Lake Natural Area again. By the time I arrived it was […]

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Red Leaf Beetles

Found these two red leaf beetles (possibly Tricholochmaea cavicollis) enjoying the view on the fringes of the pine sandhills at Halfmoon Lake Natural Area north of Edmonton.  A natural history fail on my part, I did not […]

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Cladonia Lichen

 In the process of looking for bugs, I often come across other delightful little subjects. In this case, I caught a glimpse of  little points of red scattered over the forest floor, and a closer look revealed they were […]

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Long of lip and passionate

A pair of long-lipped tiger beetles contributing to the survival of the species in Halfmoon Lake Natural Area, Alberta. (17 June, 2013. Halfmoon Lake Natural Area, Alberta. Canon T2i, EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens with Kenko […]

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Beetle Bee-mimic

It is nearing the end of National Pollinator Week, so I thought I would show one of the less typical pollinators – one that seems to try its best to look like a typical pollinator… […]

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