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Scenes from the hive

During the last workshop, we had a photo-session with bees at the hive. While it is not generally recommended that instructors take images for their own purposes during a workshop, the participants were all comfortable […]

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Big Bumble

I am in the process of  tweeking a macro photography presentation for tomorrows workshop at the Ellis Bird Farm, when I came across this pic. Photographed in the front garden, this Bombus nevadensis queen is visiting the flowers […]

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The Week on Sunday #40

Welcome to another Week on Sunday! With winter fast approaching, my mind begins to turn to how I will continue to explore the macro world from inside the home. While I do have a lot […]

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The Week on Sunday #35

Welcome to this Week on Sunday! ♦ Today I will lead off with a preview of an amazing documentary – More Than Honey. It takes a look at the lives of bees and beekeepers in this era […]

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The Week on Sunday 6

♦ I know that it is considered bad form for a foreign power to try to influence elections, but this Canadian advises Americans to put their money on Obama. This man is civilized! If you don’t […]

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The Bee Photographer

A hat-tip to Valerie Littlewood at Pencil and Leaf for finding this excellent website by photographer Éric Tourneret. His site, The Honey Gatherers , contains a wealth of images on the world of bees and […]

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