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Black-with-a-little-red-bit-in-the-middle Ant

If I were to use Ted MacRae’s new Revised Key to Formicidae of North America, this could be a hybrid between Formica meganigra (big black ant) and Formica rubra (red ant). Note the black head […]

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These Ants Ain’t No Ladies…

In an effort to practice my macro technique at higher magnifications, I made a bee-line for the garden in search of a suitable buggy subject. I tried the common black ants that nest throughout our […]

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Ant Again, with Details.

The Lasius sp., as in the previous post. Nikon D80. Zuiko 50mm f1.8 reverse mounted on Tamron 90mm DI, on a Kenko 1.4 x tele-converter – providing about 2.4x mag. (in relation to DX sensor) […]

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