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Six Tips to Improve Your Bug Photography

I have been teaching workshops for a couple of years now, I have gained some idea of the most common areas that many aspiring macro photographers need to work on to improve their photography. Compose […]

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Approaches to Macro Photography

How many paths to macro photography? Let me count the ways… the impulse shooter:  “Wow. Quick, grab a picture of that beautiful/weird/yucky bug! ” BugGuide receives many examples this kind of image every day. the natural […]

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The Bigger Picture: Close-up, not Macro.

Sometimes it pays to take a step back from our subjects and place them clearly in their environment. A compact or 4/3 camera would have no problem taking a similar shot, and even with a […]

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Macro Flash Solutions II

Continuing with my series on solutions for using flash with macro, I present: One flash big-efied… In Macro Flash Solutions  I, I set up a very simple single, small flash macro outfit. It was presented […]

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Moving Slowly Towards the Light

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Olympus Bioscapes Competition 2009

The Olympus Bioscapes 2009 competition results are in, and the winner is… Water flea Daphnia atkinsoni. This specimen has a “crown of thorns,” a defensive trait induced in offspring only when the parents sense chemical […]

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