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Callaspidia sp., parasitoid wasp.

Another gallery update, this time from 2010. This story of this unique sequence of photographs can be found at Parasitoid, Predator and Prey. All the photos were taken with an Tamron 90mm macro lens, mounted on […]

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Due to the September course Introduction to Close-up and Macro Photography that I led at MacEwan, I had a late start this year and I only managed to depart for my regular southern Alberta tour on September 23. I ran into […]

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My Equipment

For the photo-tech junkies, here is an outline of the major pieces of equipment I use. I am a B&H affiliate, so I have linked the equipment to B&H where you can get more information on the […]

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Down on the coast…

Family holidays are a great pleasure, but they are not always ideal for the best photography. Harmony requires compromises, and for me, creativity takes time and solitude, two things that are lacking on family trips. […]

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My Top 10 Macro Photographs in 2013

Here are my top photo choices for 2013. The selection is based somewhat on public response, but mostly just because they are my personal favorites. Like most years, these are wild Alberta bugs, photographed alive and kicking, without cooling […]

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Blue Sky Blues

The most common way I approach a bug when doing macro photography is the ‘in-situ’ approach–I try to take the best shots possible, leaving the subject untouched, wherever it may be found. This not only […]

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A Migratory Grasshopper One-hander

Grasshoppers can be a nuisance to photograph sometimes…   Even when you approach them as slowly and discretely as possible, you will find them sidling over to the other side of the stem–that’s if they haven’t […]

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Pole Dancing: Macro Style

Here is a simple and cheap DIY technique I picked up from ace macro photographer, Brian Valentine (aka: Lord V.).  A  bean pole can be used for gaining vertical stability when using your hand-held camera […]

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