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Writing-on-Stone Hoppers

Continuing on my September southern Alberta tour, with some of the grasshoppers I found at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.   The go-to man for grasshopper knowledge in Alberta is Dan Johnson, and he helped ID most of the photos I’m […]

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Schtinky Beetle

OK, its not Nicrophorus ‘schtinkii’, but rather Nicrophorus investigator. However, in the confines of my white bowl field studio, and perhaps magnified by parabolic reflection, this burying beetle was more than a little on the stinky side of odoriferous. […]

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Time for a cuddle…

An Alex Wild image posted on Google+ showed how photographs can misrepresent reality. (See the photo in Humanizing the Hordes at Photosynthesis). It reminded me of this photograph, taken not long after a day of rain: Photographed on a poplar leaf on the 19 September, […]

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Asidopsis opaca (Say 1824)

The Darkling (Tenebrionidae) beetle, Asidopsis opaca is one of the so-called ‘skunk’ beetles which are renowned for their defensive tush-upward stance and the ability to project a puff of odorous repellant. However, A. opaca may just be advantage of the foul […]

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Ant of the Badlands (Edited)

(Edited 03/11/2012) In  mid-September I took a field trip through southern Alberta, hoping I still had time to capture some bug photos before the frost and snow sets in again. I eventually made my way […]

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