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Odds and Ends

◊ A Ghost In The Making: Searching for the Rusty-patched Bumble Bee is an excellent short documentary by Day’s Edge Productions on the plight of an endangered bumble bee. It’s nice to see an excellent macro […]

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Introducing the Kunstkammer

Earlier this year I was thinking of occasionally adding old entomology prints to Splendour Awaits, but after dwelling on that idea for a while I thought it better not to dilute the photographic focus of this […]

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The Week on Sunday #41

Welcome to another Week on Sunday. ♦ Below, one of the best insect photo’s from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards! As you can see, there was no insect, or indeed any other invertebrate […]

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The Week on Sunday #22

This Week on Sunday I am adding an call for submissions: if you have (or know about) a bug related (non-commercial) article or photograph to share, or a post that you think deserves more attention, […]

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The Week on Sunday 20

Overwhelmed with work this weekend, so this Week on Sunday is short. ♦ Just out earlier this week, science blogger Carl Zimmer’s TedEd talk on the jewel wasp (Ampulex compressa) and the parasitic relationship with cockroaches… This […]

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