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Zephyrs in the Park

I spent part of my summer in Goldbar Park in Edmonton, standing at the face of a tall earthen bank, photographing and video recording the life of the many insects that made their appearance there. […]

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Macro Photography: what’s it good for?

What is close-up and macro photography really good for? getting closer to nature…real close! Macro photography is a great way to explore insects, fungi, mosses, lichens in their habitat. contributing to science through citizen science projects […]

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We need to Inspire with Nature

With generations of our youth increasingly becoming captive to the digital world, we need to spend more time showing kids how awesome nature really is. The long-term consequences of raising a generation that has no […]

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Why I Photograph and Blog Strange and Obscure Little Animals

It’s still winter,, thus, still time for introspection, and time to  revisit some of the 96 draft posts that have accumulated in the last year… Not long ago, Chris Buddle at Arthropod Ecology did an heart-felt post on […]

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Piotr Naskrecki now blogging at The Smaller Majority!

Great news for all those who appreciate great nature and bug photography!

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The Sunday Bug Bash 4

More buggy stuff from the last week: Who’s related to fruit flies? fromWhy Evolution Is True Orsodacne: A Mysterious Trip through a Coleopterous Quagmire fromThe Home Bug Garden Bichos Argentinos #5 – Cyrtocoris egeris from […]

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Tree Hoppers on CBC

For those who have the opportunity, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is featuring a documentary on the family Membracidae – the treehoppers – this Sunday on The Nature of Things. A scientific adventure documentary, Mini Monsters […]

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Introducing Stephen Dalton

(Extracted from my blog, Voyages Around My Camera) For those who have not heard of him, Stephen Dalton is the master of bird and insect in-flight photography. His wonderful pin-sharp photographs of nature on-the-move were […]

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