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Keep that big green stinkbug at arm’s length

A quick macro photography tip: when your subject is slow and compliant, and when regulations and common sense allow you to pull a branch, side shoot or flower stem from a plant (in your garden, […]

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Caragana Blister Beetle

I found these oil beetles in the North Saskatchewan River valley in Edmonton on the 24 May. They were aggregating in a grassy area not far from Siberian Pea Shrub bushes (Caragana arborescens) which are the […]

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Vertebrate Incursion

When walking in the river valley in spring, I often come across Garter snakes, but they usually notice me first and disappear into the undergrowth before I have a chance to take a photograph. This […]

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Bronzed Tiger Beetle Pair

This is a common tiger beetle in Alberta, but it is the first time I have managed to photograph a mating pair. This is the same species of beetle that I photographed last fall preparing […]

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Hobomok Courtin’

Again from last year, probably a pair of Hobomok skippers, Poanes hobomok (Harris 1862) photographed cavorting on a sunny woodland verge in the North Saskatchewan River valley in Edmonton. The female is the dark form,  known as ‘Pocahontas’. […]

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Damselflies — On Bluets (and ‘Yellow-Greents’)

I came across this damselfly along the shores of the North Saskatchewan River in N.E. Edmonton (12 September, 2011). It seems simple enough to identify it as a ‘bluet’ (Genus Coenagrion or Enallagma) ’cause its […]

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