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Ento 101: Wings

Spring and now summer have brought with them the usual amount of diversions (family, work, field-trips etc.) as well as another (near) family tragedy. I have not forgotten Ento. 101; indeed I have missed my time sequestered […]

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A Garden Skimmer

This was a good year for meadowhawks in our garden. However they seem to be difficult to identify without a hands-on approach, so this goes down only as Symptetrum sp., a skimmer. (Family Libellulidae) Backlighting hi-lites […]

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One Tough Lady

The spotted spreadwing (Lestes congener Hagen 1861) is common in our garden, a late season damselfly that occurs throughout North America, although more common in southern Canada and the United States. It breeds on ponds, […]

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