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A Humble Gryllus

Field crickets were a part of my childhood in South Africa, more likely to be found in the home than cockroaches. So seeing them in the terrain of Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta brought with […]

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Ento.101: Legs

(Previous Article: Insect Wing Structure) Continuing with entomological self-education… Legs: they define the Hexapods: attached to the prothorax, mesothorax and metathorax of  most mature adults in Class Insecta are a pair of legs, giving six […]

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Ento. 101: External Structure – the Thorax

Re-cap: In previous posts I covered the insect integument and the first tagma – the head, with mouthparts, eyes and antenna.The insect body is divided into three tagma: the head, thorax and abdomen (Fig. 1). In this post I will […]

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