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2013: Looking Back

2013 in rear-view:  ◊ Regarding macro bug photography, 2013 was a pivotal year for me. In the spring I received my first published magazine interview, began teaching my first macro photography workshops, held my first photo […]

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Bugs with Ale

Just a small change of pace…I fancy bugs with a pint tonight. ◊ Awesome parasite! Earlier we saw Pavel Krásenský’s photographs of mating Strepsiptera, now you can see Sean McCann‘s video of a male Strepsiptera emerging from a wasp. […]

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Milking the Cutworm – Final Video.

No Week on Sunday tomorrow, just this video to end the saga of the poor cutworm that I have been exploiting over several blog posts. If you don’t like the video, you can still dance […]

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Cutworm with Parasitoids – Emergence Timelapse

Continuing with the saga of the parasitoid-infested cutworm (See Intro and First Timlapse for more) I had no idea when – or even, if – these parasitoids would emerge, so I had to trust that the cameras would […]

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Mystery Parasitoid Wasp

Not fair, or even possible –  I just don’t know. Here is a freshly emerged parasitoid wasp screaming-out for ID…  

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The Week on Sunday 20

Overwhelmed with work this weekend, so this Week on Sunday is short. ♦ Just out earlier this week, science blogger Carl Zimmer’s TedEd talk on the jewel wasp (Ampulex compressa) and the parasitic relationship with cockroaches… This […]

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The Week on Sunday 10

With a busy week of hush-hush construction, tree planting, photography equipment contemplation and general chauffeur ing of daughter, I have not had much time to explore the bug web, but here are a couple of links to […]

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Aphid Hunters — Passaloecus

Hear the words “aphid killers”, and the first bugs we think of are ladybird, or perhaps, lacewing larva. Others may have heard of the parasitoid wasps that lay their eggs within aphids, where they will […]

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