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Bees and Baptisia

Another reliable plant in our front garden is the perennial Blue False Indigo, Baptisia australis, a member of the family Fabaceae (legumes) that contains other garden plants such as beans, sweet peas, lupines and the shrubby […]

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In Memoriam–the tongue that killed my flash

While this bee was going through a re-shoot, the lighting unit, a Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite Flash, failed on the right side. This image is cropped from the previous 150 image focus-stacked image that I […]

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Big Bumble

I am in the process of  tweeking a macro photography presentation for tomorrows workshop at the Ellis Bird Farm, when I came across this pic. Photographed in the front garden, this Bombus nevadensis queen is visiting the flowers […]

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Black Megachile

Still not fully identified at Bugguide, this leaf-cutting bee was bathing in hawkweed (Hieracium sp.) pollen, something it is well-evolved to do. The major pollen-gathering site on Megachile species is under the length of the abdomen and called the ‘scopa‘. […]

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Platycheirus at Work

Using an extended proboscis, this slim hoverfly laps pollen from the anthers of a marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) blossom.  Adult Platycheirus sp. (Family Syrphidae) feed on nectar and pollen – unlike the predatory larva which […]

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Bee on Blue

This bee (Megachile sp?) is homing in on the flower of the blue lupin, Lupinus perrenis. (Nikon D80 with Tamron 90mm DI lens. ISO 250, 1/200 sec.@f25. Flash used) Related articles The Pollinator Crisis: What’s […]

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