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Video: Kids and Bugs — Outside and Involved.

Getting kids outside and exploring the natural world is a good thing, and using bugs as incentive is even better! from The Brain Scoop  

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Why I Photograph and Blog Strange and Obscure Little Animals

It’s still winter,, thus, still time for introspection, and time to  revisit some of the 96 draft posts that have accumulated in the last year… Not long ago, Chris Buddle at Arthropod Ecology did an heart-felt post on […]

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Ento. 101: Who?(II) – Aristotle to the end of the 17th century

Entomologists from Aristotle to the end of the 17th century. Not only can we thank Aristotle for the term ‘entomology’, he is also the first person we know to have written about insects and other […]

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