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I entered  photography in the 1970’s while living in South Africa. Just a teen, I was lucky to receive as my first camera an old Exa (version 4, manufactured between 1956 and 1959) that my […]

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The Week on Sunday #26

♦ Using Google Earth, Mark Williams has rediscovered a lost butterfly species in South Africa. The following video by Yolande Bode may be the first ever of the Waterberg Copper, Erikssonia edgei. Needless to say, the rediscovery raised […]

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The Week on Sunday #24 (not for Arachnophobes)

♦  Kicking off this week with a NG documentary in praise of spiders… ♦ As the video says, finding new species of spider is really not a rare event, but this article at Wired Magazine brought to my […]

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Free eBooks by Jean-Henri Fabre.

I was only about 12 years old when I first heard about Jean-Henri Fabre, while reading about Gerald Durrell‘s childhood in the book Birds, Beasts and Relatives. Gerald’s brother Lawrence, recognising his interest in bugs, gave him a […]

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A Humble Gryllus

Field crickets were a part of my childhood in South Africa, more likely to be found in the home than cockroaches. So seeing them in the terrain of Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta brought with […]

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The Week on Sunday 13

Welcome to the latest edition – bug news and views that caught my attention in the last week. ◊ A mole cricket that not only jumps well on land, but that can also make quite a […]

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The Week on Sunday 9

Just a small round-up this week, starting off with some amazing scarabs! Science From Wits University, South Africa. A look into dung beetles, in boots and dancing, plus more… And see for more on these […]

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