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Free Monograph on Pompilid Spider Wasps of North America

Kurczewski, F.E., Edwards, G.B., Pitts, J.P. Hosts, Nesting Behavior, and Ecology of Some North American Spider Wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae), II† is available in pdf format at the Digital Commons of Utah State University. From the Abstract: “This […]

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Winter Focus-stacking Prep.

Lots to learn… One of my winter projects was to get to know the Stackshot focus-stacking system. However, this was difficult due to two problems: lack of subjects and too short a winter (you won’t […]

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Spider Wasp with Crab Spider

I found this spider-dragging wasp scampering over a fallen pine in the sandy Halfmoon Lake Natural Area. It was a challenge to photograph –  the rapidly moving spider, traveling over the rough surface of the […]

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Wasp and Spider

A busy spider-hunting wasp, most likely Arachnospila fumipennis (Family Pompilidae). Found at Opal Natural Area on August 30, 2012, she was hauling the spider over some very rough twig-and-needle ground, and had to re-position her hold on […]

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One Awkward Spider

This Ground Crab Spider (Xysticus sp.) seems to be imitating a meteor. It was found in this position just off the trail in Dinosaur Provincial Park – motionless but apparently undamaged. I examined it, and flicked the […]

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