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Survey Results: more Cow Bells, less Argyle Socks

I always thought it strange that bloggers would survey their readers with the intent to mold their blog to satisfy outside opinions. Like one of my survey respondents said, “I tend to think of websites (incl. blogs) […]

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Introducing the Kunstkammer

Earlier this year I was thinking of occasionally adding old entomology prints to Splendour Awaits, but after dwelling on that idea for a while I thought it better not to dilute the photographic focus of this […]

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Return of The Week on Sunday

Despite my best efforts to ignore what’s going on around me, and to make a vocation out of macro nature photography, I can no longer restrain myself on sharing the some of the fascinating and […]

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Coming soon to Splendour Awaits…

(Revised on May 5, 2012) Since beginning Splendour Awaits I have wanted to expand the content, both in terms of entomology, macro photography and the overall biophilia that drives them. However, I have only one life, and I cannot write […]

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