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Mating Long-lipped Tiger Beetles

Photographing Long-lipped Tiger Beetles (Cicindela longilabris) at Halfmoon Lake Natural Area is now an annual event. On this occasion, (29 May 2017) the only difference is that I managed to record video of two pairs. The […]

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A Spotty White Tiger Moth

This was a surprising find, glimmering under a shaded rock ledge, in the rubble beneath a badlands cliff in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta. Hardly inconspicuous, this is the Many-spotted Tiger Moth (Hypercompe permaculata), a moth of the […]

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Cow Path Love

A trip to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park in May had its share of pleasures and disappointments. One nice surprise for me was coming across this pair of coupled cowpath tiger beetles (Cicindela purpurea). […]

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Not a Beautiful Tiger Beetle…

…but a Blowout tiger beetle, Cicindela lengi…and mighty handsome! They are smaller than the Beautiful tiger beetle C. formosa, which is only found in the south-east corner of Alberta. When I first saw it, memories […]

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First Tiger Beetle of 2010

Identified with help from John Acorn’s Tiger Beetles of Alberta: Killers on the Clay, Stalkers on the Sand. Comments/suggestions/critiques expected. (Nikon D80 with Tamron 90mm macro lens mounted on Kenko Pro 1.4x converter. Nikon R1 […]

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My First Tiger

I’ve been looking back at Alex Wild’s and Ted MacRae’s articles that discuss technique. These are two photographers that deal with some of the fastest insects (relatively) running – ants and tiger beetles, and I need […]

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