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Buffalo Treehopper

My first impression was ‘Triceratops’ rather than “Buffalo”… This Membracid (Ceresa sp.) was one of the nice surprises I found in Writing-on-Stone in late September last year. I was searching through shoreline shrubs beside the Milk […]

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Due to the September course Introduction to Close-up and Macro Photography that I led at MacEwan, I had a late start this year and I only managed to depart for my regular southern Alberta tour on September 23. I ran into […]

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Time for a cuddle…

An Alex Wild image posted on Google+ showed how photographs can misrepresent reality. (See the photo in Humanizing the Hordes at Photosynthesis). It reminded me of this photograph, taken not long after a day of rain: Photographed on a poplar leaf on the 19 September, […]

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Asidopsis opaca (Say 1824)

The Darkling (Tenebrionidae) beetle, Asidopsis opaca is one of the so-called ‘skunk’ beetles which are renowned for their defensive tush-upward stance and the ability to project a puff of odorous repellant. However, A. opaca may just be advantage of the foul […]

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Ant of the Badlands (Edited)

(Edited 03/11/2012) In  mid-September I took a field trip through southern Alberta, hoping I still had time to capture some bug photos before the frost and snow sets in again. I eventually made my way […]

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