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Supporting Pollinators

Why worry about pollinators? Pollinators fertilize flowers that produce fruit and seeds that many animals need to survive, including ourselves! Recently, with bees in the news due to colony collapse disorder, many are concerned about honeybee decline, and […]

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Farewell to Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week ended in the United States yesterday, but let’s not forget about these essential critters. I could have called it “Plight of the Bumblebees“, but here are some that are doing well in our city […]

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The Week on Sunday #28

On with some inter-web finds from the last week… ♦ If you are a macro photographer, one of the best ways to increase opportunities to photograph insects is to have a diversely planted naturalistic garden. You need […]

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The Week on Sunday #21

Welcome to another Week on Sunday! ♦  The first half of yesterday was spent at City Centre, Edmonton, recording and photographing Chinese New Year’s celebrations. However  after an excellent free lunch at the Famous Wok, I stepped out, […]

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Time to Build Your Bee Hotel(s)

It won’t be long for the bees to be on the wing again, and it may just make their lives a bit easier, and our garden’s more enjoyable, if we have a few bee hotels […]

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