Introduction to the DSLR, and Close-up and Macro Photography workshops based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Who might be interested in macro workshops?

  • Photographers that want explore the endless delights of macro photography
  • Naturalists who appreciate all the little things in life (insects, plants, flowers, fungi, mosses, lichens…)
  • Bug people who want photographic records of live insects, not pinned specimens.
  • Insect collectors who want to photograph pinned specimens!
  • Biologist/ecologists and other scientists who want to make a record of their research subjects.
  • Gardeners who want to explore flowers, bees and butterflies.
  • Collectors of small things who want to share their unique items (coins, stamps, minerals, shells, rocks…)
  • Sellers of small things that need photographs for eBay.
  • Artists who want to learn about the tools and techniques of photography to explore the abstract world

◊ Individual Instruction

◊ Small-group Macro Workshops

     ◊ Macro Photography Classes


Custom workshops arranged. Please contact me for more information.