Macro Photography at Muttart Conservatory

Adrian Thysse Photography: Conservatory &emdash;

5 hours of macro and close-up photography and discussion in the comfort of glass greenhouses!

Suitable for anyone equipped with a DSLR and macro lens and familiar with basic camera functions, participants in this workshop we will spend a day (10 to 3:00 pm) at Edmonton’s Muttart Conservatory photographing amazing flowers as well as plant details and textures. The four pavilions at Muttart provide a diversity of habitats and floral displays where I will lead you through various photographic techniques using natural light and flash. With a maximum of four participants (min. two), this practical course will help you understand your camera better while developing new skills. This is an unscripted workshop where participants will be able to direct the flow of their own instruction.

See what’s on at the Feature Pyramid for special displays!

Workshop Fee: $150. Participants will be responsible for their own transportation, entry fee ($12) and lunch.

Please contact me to arrange a workshop at Muttart!